Destination Weddings: Where to Start

  1. […] How do you start planning a photo-focused wedding? If a gorgeous destination wedding is your dream, start by picturing your ceremony and reception backdrop. Close your eyes, picture you and your partner hand in hand, feel a tropical breeze caressing your cheek. Hear the faint sound of waves crashing in the distance, picture-perfect sunlight warming your arms, see luscious palm trees swaying, taste your partner’s lips as you seal your vows with a kiss! What did you picture? Maybe you saw magical redwoods as your backdrop, or magnificent mountains instead. Where were you? On a tropical beach in Jamaica (count me in!)? In a hilltop church tucked away in the Swiss Alps? However dreamy the destination, the dreamier the photos will be. […]

  2. […] sunset Jamaican engagement session. Beautiful and romantic, Jamaica is the perfect spot to take destination wedding photos in a resort, boudoir pictures in a luxurious suite, and a sunset engagement session along […]

  3. […] LOVE adults-only resorts! Planning your destination wedding? Would you like a kid-free wedding experience? Then an adults-only resort is the way to go! These […]

  4. […] opportunities and tropical excursions you otherwise wouldn’t experience. When choosing your destination wedding location, it’s always good to start with which island is right for you. There are six major islands […]

  5. […] our equipment! We can bring two or three cameras, our microphone equipment, and all our cords. Destination weddings to places like Jamaica, we usually bring one or two cameras, and if you’re getting […]

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