I'm here to believe in you when you don't believe in yourself.

You deserve to see your true beauty, inside and out, instead of feeling like you're never enough.

A boudoir session at Sara June will put some pep in your step in a way you didn't know it could. Pinky promise.

So you keep scrolling through Instagram or TikTok and comparing yourself to that other woman you see on your screen... she's been wearing the cutest clothes that you WISH you could look half as good in, dancing in her clean house, with her sweet dogs and perfectly-behaved kids. You’ve barely found time to meal prep and try to fit in an exercise class this week... but now you're feeling like no matter what you do, it'll never be enough to match what that other woman so effortlessly does. You find yourself listening to a little voice in your head telling you that you're nt enough, your body isn't sexy enough, and you are not worth it. You deserve better.

Listen, you’re a busy woman and you’ve got a lot going on (juggling life's demands, your mental health, and the pressure that society puts on you isn't for the weary, am I right?). Do you ever just feel like you need someone who you KNOW is going to be a friend, helper, photographer, and cheerleader all in one?

I help take the pressure off of you to look a certain way or wear a certain thing
I get to know you like a friend before your session rolls around so things feel even more comfortable than you thought possible
I'm comfortable with all body shapes, sizes, abilities, colors, and preferences. Judgement-free is my motto!

I've got you covered. 

I can help you. You're in just the right spot, friend!

My past clients say that a boudoir session was exactly what they needed because:

Get to know me!

I’m the owner and lead photographer here at Sara June. I’ve been photographing boudoir for over 5 years but have had a love for photography since my days as a 4-H kid (over 2 decades ago), showing my portraits at our county fair and raking in the blue ribbons. I’ve been married since 2011 and have been a mama since 2016.

Before jumping into photography full time, I worked as a Labor and Delivery nurse at a couple hospitals in the Fox Valley. There, I very regularly found myself helping a woman through a vulnerable time in her life: believing in her when she was unsure of herself, cheering her on, guiding her through a ton of different emotions all at the same time.

WOULDN'T YOU KNOW?! Boudoir sessions are the same! I help, guide, advocate for, and believe in my clients just like I used to do at the bedside... but without the baby. 

Oh hey, I’m Sara.

I can't wait to meet you!

Past clients of mine have found themselves feeling SO good and SO confident after our time together that they've done some pretty amazing things. 

dumped love interests who were holding them back

Boudoir by the numbers

babies conceived  the same night as giving a boudoir album as a gift

clients who have said their session was life-changing




      love letters
   memorable events

kind words from

our clients


"I just want to say 'thank you' to Sara. I hadn't felt especially attractive or pretty in quite some time and during the process of taking the photos, she made me feel both (along with a multitude of other positive emotions). I left her studio feeling like I could conquer anything!"

So... where to next?

I'm ready to do the dang thing! I want to set up a time to talk with you and see if we're a good fit!

I want to see some sessions you've shot and pick up some tips for my session while I'm at it!

I want to hear more about how your process works. I'm ready to learn more about how you can help me see my true beauty.