Dang right, we're your very own Dream Team!

Don’t let your destination wedding resort nickel-and-dime you for your wedding photos and videos.

Our all-inclusive destination wedding photo and video services have no surprises. Pinky promise.

So you’re planning this really great wedding… it’s a once-in-a-lifetime sort of deal. You’ve picked a gorgeous tropical location - but now you’re worried about who is going to capture all of the beauty. The photographer and videographer that the resort says they ‘include’ aren’t even good. They’re basic and underwhelming at best and your wedding deserves better. (Don't even get me started on the 50 images that they offer you - there's no way in heck you can tell your whole wedding story in FIFTY images!)

Listen, you’re a destination wedding couple and you’ve got a lot going on (planning a wedding from afar isn’t for the weak, am I right?). Do you ever just feel like you need someone who you KNOW is going to be a friend, helper, photographer, and videographer all in one?

We help take the pressure off of you to plan the details (need advice about which shirt your dad should wear? we're a text away!)
We get to know your family friends so it doesn’t feel like strangers are capturing your day (this is one of our favorite things!)
We’re destination wedding pros–destination weddings are all we do, so we are experts you can trust (traveling is our JAM!)

We’ve got you covered. 

We can help you. You're in just the right spot, friend!

Our couples say that we are exactly what they needed because:

Get to know us!

I’m the owner and lead photographer here at Sara June. I’ve been photographing weddings for over 5 years but have had a love for photography since my days as a 4-H kid (over 2 decades ago), showing my portraits at our county fair and raking in the blue ribbons. I’ve been married to my hunk of a husband (oh, heyyy, Trev) since 2011 and we’ve been traveling together to find the best beaches the Caribbean offers ever since.

My favorite destination weddings are those that are a bit more intimate - you know, the ones where everyone may not know each other when you all arrive but by the end of the welcome dinner, it all feels like one big happy group of friends. If you made me pick my favorite Caribbean islands, I’d for sure list Jamaica, St. Lucia, USVI, and Turks & Caicos. 

I’m totally convinced that destination weddings are the best way to get married: an entire weekend spent enjoying sandy blue waters, lush tropical gardens, surrounded by your favorite humans ever. Heck yes!

Oh hey, I’m Sara.

I’m the lead videographer and licensed drone pilot here at Sara June - named after my wife who is the photography genius (fun fact: her middle name ISN’T June). I’m also the more laid back and chill half of our duo. I prefer to sit back and capture your authentic wedding moments as they happen.

You probably wouldn’t guess that I can make a mean old fashioned (brandy, sweet) or that I am the biggest fan of couples who do a first look. Sara and I did one when we got married in 2011 and I teared up when I saw her for our first look AND when she walked down the aisle toward me… so I love filming them for our couples, too!

I joined the Sara June team officially in 2021 - prior to that I was the biggest SJP cheerleader you could ever find. Now, I get to create stunning films for couples who are married in the most beautiful of places, alongside my wife.

Hi, I’m Trevor.

We can't wait to meet you!


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- Sierra & Will

"Sara made us feel at ease and natural, all while bringing alive the romance between Will & I. She even made my husband blush and giggle by telling him to whisper sweet nothings in my ear. Sara was encouraging and she made the entire experience so fun! The wind was a beast, but man did she know how to work with it for beautiful photos! With the time restraints and the weather conditions, I did not in a million years think they would turn out as beautiful as they did.

So... where to next?

I'm ready to do the dang thing! I want to set up a time to talk with you and see if you're available for my wedding!

I want to see some weddings you've shot and pick up some travel tips while I'm at it!

I want to hear more about how your process works. I'm getting married in the Caribbean and I'm wondering if you're a good fit for my wedding!