Get Your Stretch On - Unbranded Stretching Guide

So you're ready to help your clients stretch prior to their boudoir sessions!

That's great, because with repeated stretching in the weeks leading up to their session, they'll be able to arch their backs more, curve their bodies better, be less sore the day after their session, and love their portraits even more than usual! That means bigger sales for you - HECK YES!I consulted with Dr. Kali Sawyer, owner of Sprout Family Chiropractic in Appleton, WI, to create ten quick stretches that just about anyone can do and will make a difference in their flexibility (especially lower back and neck) with regular stretching. This guide not only has text to guide your clients through each stretch, but it includes plenty of photos to help visual learners, as well!But, how do I use this guide?

Lucky for you, I've used this exact guide with my clients for awhile and I've got some insight to share with you so you can get right to impressing your clients immediately.Upload it to a place where you want to keep it for clients to easily access it or add the PDF to your workflow so it's sent out to your clients at least a month prior to their session. For my own boudoir clients, I have uploaded Get Your Stretch On to Google Docs and share the link in a prep email that is sent to my clients about three months ahead of their scheduled session.